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Staying connected to the committees and organizations of Burbank so we can identify key players and nurture relationships to enact change.

Students ~ Parents ~ Family Members ~ Neighbors ~ PTA/PTSA
School Administration ~ Office Staff ~ Teachers K-12 ~ Curriculum Specialists
Government Officials ~ Board Chairs ~ Committees ~ Commissions

City of Burbank

View Burbank Boards, Commissions, & Committees Information and Members List


City Council

Member Roster: 5

Burbank Water & Power Board

Member Roster: 7

Sustainable Burbank Commission

Member Roster: 9

  • Advises City Council in establishing policy

  • Engages the participation of the community

  • Provides community support for advancing policy initiatives and programs

  • Advises City Council in the maximizing and leveraging efficient use of resources in the community

  • Advises City Council in the review of proposals, programs, practices, and goals


Park, Recreation, and Community Services Board

Member Roster:  5

  • Initiates studies, investigations and surveys

  • Prepares and recommends rules and regulations for the use and improvement of the public parks, squares and grounds in the City

  • Advises the Council in all matters pertaining to the parks, squares and grounds of the City

  • Advises and recommends the amount of financial support to be contributed by the City for inclusion in the annual budget for: dramatic, musical, or cultural organizations or groups, grants, and contracts


Youth Board

Member Roster: 17

  • Represents the interests of local youth in community affairs

  • Represents the City in matters of interest to youth in the community

  • Assists in helping other youth in the community to understand and appreciate local government

  • Obtains interpretations for local youth on City ordinances, rules and regulations which affect them

  • Encourages local youth to actively participate in community affairs and matters of concern to the City

  • Conducts studies and investigations in the general field of youth and community interest

  • Encourages coordination of effort among community institutions and organizations that focus on youth problems and needs

  • Advises and assists the Park and Recreation Board on issues affecting the youth in the community

View Committee Meetings, Agendas, and Minutes

  • Helps residents and businesses prevent waste by providing workshops, resources and public outreach

  • Multi-purpose facility processes curbside recyclables and offers easy drop off services

Recycle Center: 500 S. Flower St., Burbank, CA 91502


Unified School District

BUSD Website

BUSD List of Schools

BUSD Administration

Board of Education (BUSD School Board)

5 Board Members & 3 Student Board Members

BUSD Facilities

Facilities Services Staff

BUSD Food Services

Nutrition Education

BUSD Wellness Programs and Services

  • School Health and Safety Policies

  • Health Education

  • Physical Education and Physical Activity Programs

  • Nutrition Environment and Services

  • School Health Services

  • School Counseling, Psychological, and Social Services

  • Social and Emotional Climate

  • Physical Environment

  • Employee Wellness and Health Promotion

  • Family Engagement

  • Community Involvement

BUSD School Facilities Oversight Committee

Reviews proposed construction projects and determine if the projects are designed to rehabilitate Burbank's public schools, including:

  • replacing inadequate electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning systems

  • complying with fire, earthquake, health and safety standards

  • renovating, constructing and modernizing classrooms and school facilities

Creating a responsible ecosystem for our educational community through environmental action, leadership, and stewardship.


The future depends on what we do today.

BUSD can become a “Green Ribbon School District” through rigorous action and implementation of environmental initiatives. If children are nurtured and nourished in an environment fostering our planet's resilient and robust stewardship, they will naturally be team leaders and expect nothing less.


WHY do we need SEAC?

Environmental leadership is urgently needed to address the climate emergency. Increasing local climate changes have dramatically affected air, soil, and water quality, directly influencing our educational system’s health and well-being. Outdoor learning spaces have proven to improve academic performance by an average of 15%.


Burbank Unified School District is uniquely positioned to affect change in the community by putting environmental action into practice with greater visibility. As an independent school district, BUSD has to be self-sufficient and collaborate with value-aligned partners on funding opportunities and green initiatives.

Graffiti Wall

Burbank Educational Foundation + Burbank Arts for All Foundation

Supports arts education, STEM programs, student safety, wellness and other needs.

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