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Food Scrap Pails


  • SB 1383 Compliance

  • Educate Community

  • Green Waste Diversion



Burbank, CA




City of Burbank

Burbank Recycle Center

Food is Not Trash

Working closely with the Burbank Recycle Center, reps at Burbank schools are helping to hand out green pails for parents to collect food scraps at home.


Food scraps must now be added to green bins along with yard trimmings. Green pails are FREE for Burbank residents, limit 1 per household.

Want to learn about SB 1383? Curious what can go in the food scrap pails and what can't? Read more below.


What can go in the food scrap pails?

  • All food scraps, including animal-derived food (meat, bones, dairy, eggshells)

  • Coffee grounds and loose tea leaves (no plastic tea bags)

  • Food-soiled paper products (no plastic linings)

  • Yard trimmings

  • Clean, untreated wood scraps

What should NOT go in the food scrap pails?

  • Plastic bags

  • Compostable plastics

  • Packaging

  • Plastic food ware

  • Food stickers

  • Utensils

  • Gloves

  • Pet waste

  • Litter

What is SB 1383?

Senate Bill (SB) 1383 is a new state law: California's Short-Lived Climate Pollutants Reduction Act.

Redirecting organics from landfills.

Redistributing edible food to those in need.

We are reducing methane, a hazardous air pollutant, which is emitted as food and other organic materials rot in the landfill. Instead it will become compost!

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