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BEC Projects

Between individual school projects, working with the city and nonprofits - like Tree People - Burbank Eco Council reps are always up to some good! We also try to provide guidance and inspiration on a district-level.


The Burbank Recycle Center is giving away food scrap pails to city residents at community events. Eco Council reps have partnered with the BRC to help get the word out, educating parents at schools and handing out green pails with easy-to-follow guides in multiple languages.

Waste Reduction Poster

Our amazing team pulled together 50 Easy Ways to Reduce Waste at School. Then one of our graphic designers turned it into a poster, which we were able to gift to 8 schools after receiving a grant.


Waste Reduction Guide

Need a comprehensive guide to reducing waste at your school? We all do, really. The Burbank Eco Council team is working on this to share with the district so all our schools will be on the same page.

Eco Clubs & School Gardens

There is a lot going on at our Burbank schools! We are working on a way to share all that's been happening: Eco Club activities, building garden beds, planting natives, veggies, and trees, costume swaps, and more.

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