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About Us

The Burbank Eco Council is an active community of passionate parents, community and student leaders actively pursuing greater practices in circular resource economy, greenhouse gas reduction, renewable energy, gardens, and biodiversity in every student campus.

Through transparency, radical collaboration, and innovative outreach, students grow up practicing mindfulness to our planet. Focusing on the student environment, education, and health, the Burbank Eco Council was formed in the fall of 2019 when Amy Hammes, Recycling Specialist and mastermind behind the Waste Warrior program at the Burbank Recycle Center, gathered a group of passionate parents working on independent sustainability efforts at their respective schools. Why not centralize all this effort and support each other by sharing lessons learned? Here we are.

carbon neutral _ circular design _ regenerative _ renewable _ resource-positive 

Our Mission

    •    To address the climate emergency by nurturing an ecosystem around the student with circular design, carbon neutral, regenerative, renewable, and resource-positive practices. Generate a  regenerative presence and awareness at every student’s touchpoint, starting from their school ecosystem.


   •    Sharing best sustainability practices, resources, and knowledge amongst Burbank schools (through parents, staff, and faculty) to collaborate on sustainability, resource regeneration, circular economies, waste reduction goals, carbon neutral sustenance and getting more gardens into the community. For all Burbank students to develop as leaders, be stewards to their planet through their immediate community and environment, be mindful of resourcefulness and the impact they create in the world.


   •    Improve overall health (physical, emotional, mental) at local student touchpoints (school campus, home, parks, libraries, etc.)


   •    Create not just green schools but a "Green District”"


   •    Install a Renewable energy source at every school


   •    Access to School’s Green spaces: Gardens + Natives


   •    Make aware the Intersectionality of Environmental to Human Rights


   •    Increase Local Biodiversity w/Native Landscapes


   •    Increase + Secure Bike Lanes and Walkways to all school campuses


   •    Green Roofs (Energy Insulation + Increase BioDiversity + Beautification + Increase Air Quality)


   •    Connect Food Growth to Health + Nutrition.

Our Vision

We envision our children’s schools reflected in the world as an abundant, loving, nurturing ecosystem, where students practice a mindful stewardship for our planet, by building a communal awareness in an environment that elevates the regeneration of our planet Earth.

Every student has equal access to a nourishing regenerative educational ecosystem connecting them to nature, renewable energy, resource positive circular practices. Through this cultivation of environmental mindfulness and stewardship, students transform into emotionally intelligent environmental leaders.

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