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Greening  Burbank Schools

By Nourishing our Students and their Ecosystems



BUSD Public 

Schools +

Private Schools






Great Green


What does the Eco Council do?


Build Community

"Birds of a feather flock together." Being part of important change is gratifying work but we all need communal love. We build the momentum by sharing knowledge, resources, and a few "Whoa"s.


Fun Outreach Events

We love our Burbank kids! All schools should have a green team, just our humble opinion! Hosting events are opportunities to learn and collaborate in a fun way. There is so much we can learn from each other, outside of school.


Support for Schools

We love what we do and we know it's what needs to be done, AND we need your help. Your time, skills, and donations are greatly appreciated. To build anything great, we need LOVE, and lots of it! 

What is our Vision?

When we talk about seven generations, let’s start with ours. In taking ownership of our planet and our actions, we create a living practicing ecosystem as the environment for our students. 


What if Burbank could be a green school district where every student grows up in a thriving, safe, healthy environment? Nurtured with an active mindfulness of being resilient, resourceful, responsible, we can create impact together.


Various eco-conscious members of the Burbank community  are creating sustainable initiatives in their BUSD public and private schools. The mission is to get all schools along with the homeschool community on the same page, sharing resources and supporting each other through collective wisdom. Each district, environment, school will have different obstacles, so the Burbank Eco Council is the rock that supports everyone's efforts. It turns out we are stronger together.


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